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New Moon in Scorpio, November 13th, 2023

NOW is the time…

Have you ever felt that the time is NOW, and if you miss this opportunity, there may not be another one for a very, very long time? This is one of those moments. It could be a life and death situation, or something way less intense, but consequential nonetheless, like having to make a split-second decision about something you might have liked to have more time to think about.

Mars is hosting our Sun and Moon in Scorpio, while being co-present at the same time, not even 2 degrees away. There is a sense of urgency and a push to action, especially as Uranus was exactly opposite Mars just 2 days prior to the new Moon. This opposition, so closely followed by the new Moon, denotes a time of breakthroughs, which are potentially preceded by break-ups or rebellious or defiant reactions. If there has been oppression or coercion, likely built up over some period of time, this aspect may trigger a response that could seem disproportionate to the situation at hand, but in reality is the result of pent-up or suppressed feelings.

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, we see the image of the Tower (XVI) which represents the Mars-Uranus opposition in a stunning depiction of a tower (Saturnian structure) burning, with priests and rulers (oppression) falling to their demise. These are the energies present at this time, and we can see them playing out in the collective arena rather graphically, and in our personal lives as well. As for myself, I am dealing with rejection coming from several of my family members, that I am hoping and praying will end up with a breakthrough of some sort. How about you? Have you noticed any circumstances or events that might tie in to the energies at hand? In my case, journaling and meditation have proven to be powerful allies that are helping me to navigate these frothy waters.

Another fascinating angle to this powerful lunation combined with the Mars-Uranus opposition is the notion of desire, or rather the confrontation of one’s desires. In this video, my teacher, Adam Elenbaas, discusses this at length. He explains how confronting one’s desires and acknowledging them, rather than satisfying or suppressing them, can lead to their transmutation and our subsequent liberation and sovereignty over them. Acting blindly to satisfy them will only grow the desires, while stepping back to see the desire for what it really is – emotion/thought forms that sometimes take control of our lives and/or lead us to commit acts we may later regret – allows us to disentangle ourselves from them, without suppressing or getting rid of them. In this way, the transmutation of desire offers the opportunity to plant a seed in fertile ground (or neutral ground, because it’s not attached to the object of desire), forget about it, then watch it germinate and grow into something much more satisfying than the immediate gratification of the desire could ever afford. I guess you could call this “delayed gratification” – one that gives us power over our actions along with a sense of liberation and sovereignty over our being.

An example of this could be having a doubt around faithfulness in an intimate relationship, and being overcome by the desire to find out the truth, NOW. Accompanied by feelings of angst and fear, this desire could potentially be overwhelming and even debilitating. By removing oneself from the intensity of those feelings, through journaling, meditation, walking in Nature, or whatever works best, we ascertain that the feelings eventually subside. The desire to act immediately gives way to a healthier attitude of “let’s wait and see”, and perhaps even the acceptance of “what is”, whatever that might be.

Jupiter also finds himself in the mix, retrograde in Taurus and opposing – by sign, not by degree – the new Moon and Mars. This retrograde Jupiter could be an indication that the desires or intentions we have planted, important as they may be, are not quite ready to manifest. They will need more time, and perhaps more reflection and nurturing, in order to come to fruition.

Fortunately, Venus has found her dignity in Libra after being in detriment in Virgo, and is willing and able to offer the kind of nurturing that is called for, especially as she finds herself connected to both Jupiter, to whom she is the hostess (in Taurus) and Mercury. These three form a Yod, or Finger of God aspect, which positions Jupiter as a benefic negotiant to the incisive, divisive, violent and chaotic energies indicated by the Mars-Uranus opposition, and also to the recent Mercury-Saturn square, which has been stirring up dogmatic, fanatical and fundamentalist rhetoric. Although somewhat large, this Yod aspect nonetheless indicates a softening of these energies, and hopefully a path towards negotiation and peace.

Awaiting the immanent birth of my first grandchild, I can only wonder if these energies will have any bearing on the child’s decision around when to emerge into this world as a full-fledged human baby. I am hoping that they won’t, and that he or she will choose to wait until the cosmic energies are less compelling… but that’s obviously not my decision to make! I welcome this child with open arms whenever he or she chooses to take that first breath on our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.

Wishing you all a beautiful new Moon, and a harmonious moon cycle to come. Until the coming full Moon, and in gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

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