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New Moon in Scorpio, November 14/15 2020

After a week or more of intensely divisive energy (Venus and Mars were opposite each other in their respective signs of Libra and Aries), Mars went direct on Friday the 13th after being retrograde for 2 months. Venus, still in her own sign, has moved on, but the divisive atmosphere lingering on is still keenly felt. These two planets represent the dichotomy that exists between two opposites: male/female, aggressive/passive, and as transposed upon the momentous events taking place in the US, Republican/Democrat. The third and final conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto that happened this past Thursday strongly underscores this feeling of division in our country. Saturn ruling in Capricorn is sitting back in his armchair and watching the show, perhaps eager to move on from this chaos and enter his other sign of Aquarius in mid-December.

Mars is key here, and is perhaps the most important planet in this chart. On the national scene, he could be thought of as representing the Republicans (you know, red and all!) whose energy has been underground but gaining momentum - like the rubber band I mentioned in a previous post - for the past two months. Following the highest voter turnout in 120 years, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden claimed victory over his opponent, incumbent president Donald Trump. Trump has not conceded to Biden, citing massive fraud that he says turned the tables in favor of his rival in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after the election. Whether or not Trump's claim is true cannot be ascertained in this chart. However, the potential for a deception at the level Trump claims stole his victory is not only possible, it's likely.

Neptune at his best is the purveyor of divine inspiration, the god of mysticism and the arts. At his worst, he represents illusion, deception and the manipulation of images for influential gain. In this chart he is the focal point of a T-square with the Nodes of the Moon, which represent our past and our future, and the consequences of our actions (karma). The nodes are in signs of communication and information: Gemini - the media, the spoken and written word, and Sagittarius - knowledge and wisdom obtained through study, travel and experience. A square aspect will definitely trigger Neptune's less desirable attributes, and with Uranus opposite Mercury in Scorpio (Mercury rules the North Node in Gemini), we can expect any foul play and manipulation of the truth to come to light.

What about Venus? At 22º Libra, she is the master builder and queen in her own sign, negotiating for balance and fairness. Trining the North Node, she will support the good of our collective future endeavors by making sure that justice is served. In an exact square with Pluto at 22º Capricorn, she is challenging the power of the status quo to do the right thing and uphold the principles of a fair and just election. If there is sufficient evidence of tampering and fraud - and according to non-mainstream media sources there is - then the right thing would be to investigate these allegations. Mainstream media called the election for Biden without having the official counts for several states, including Pennsylvania. This is a clear indication of their lack of impartiality, which renders their projected outcome suspect at best, and at worst, a travesty of the election process itself. Venus is pressuring the powers that be to look seriously into the potential of election fraud for the sake of the American people and all those who value the idea of the United States as a democratic republic rather than a socialist or communist one. History is being made, and it is not about Joe Biden or Donald Trump - it's about the actual democratic process of choosing our representatives in government that may have been hijacked using the same tactics that this country has used to influence elections in other countries.

A yod, also known as a "destiny wedge" or "finger of God", is active in this chart between Sun/Moon, Pluto/Jupiter and the North Node as their focal point. This significant formation is pointing to our future (North node) with the fresh new energy of the New Moon in Scorpio, who wants to reveal that which has been hidden, coupling with the block-busting powerhouse of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, representing the collective energy that We the People can wield in order to banish deceptive practices and corruption from all levels of government. Regardless of what "side" you may identify with, this should be a priority, and we are being given the tools to carry out the necessary inquiries to restore justice and faith in the electoral process.

This election is unlike any one that we have ever experienced before, and the Democrats' clamors that Republicans should just get over it, do not hold water. Several dozen people showing up at the few rallies held by Biden pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of supporters showing up at Trump rallies all over the country. It just doesn't add up that Biden would garner enough support to gain victory over one of the most popular presidents in the history of this country. The same people who screamed about election fraud and Russian collusion in 2016 are telling us that there is no evidence of fraud in the 2020 elections... really? If we go along with what mainstream media wants us to believe, that there is no evidence of fraud in these elections, then a very significant number of Americans will feel disenfranchised and lose their faith in free and fair elections. This could mark the beginning of the disintegration of the United States of America, and perhaps the start of a totally different national entity based on another "ism" to replace capitalism. Is this what we want? How would our forefathers feel about it?

Capitalism may not be ideal, but it still offers more individual and economic freedom than either socialism or communism. All three are based on the concept of a pyramid scheme, with those at the top hoarding and controlling the wealth while those at the bottom of the pyramid provide the hard labor while barely being able to make a living. These economic systems have supplanted the more compassionate partnership societies that once existed but were mostly wiped out by modern "civilization". Interestingly, there are remnants of these economic models all over the world, such as the sou-sous of West Africa and the Caribbean, and other alternative economic systems, some of which are experiencing a serious comeback. They underline the importance of community and the values of trust, mutual support, compassion, freedom and the uniqueness of each individual contributing to the community. Perhaps the future of society depends on the development of a new system that values humans and human interaction first and foremost, rather than putting its main focus on the acquisition of things, whether it be material goods, property, money or power.

Unfortunately, the current election only gave us two options: keep capitalism and our country intact (Trump), or hand it over to people who would abolish the United States as a national entity to create a sub-sector of a world-wide system known at this time as the New World Order (Biden). The third one we will have to create on our own, but we will have to work with whatever system is in place, once the election has been called. Which one of these options do you feel would leave us with our individual freedoms intact? Which one would enable us to live as we choose, without excessive involvement of the state in our personal affairs? Which one would create the largest pyramid scheme imaginable? These are important questions to ask, as the creation of a new economy can happen with one option, but not with the other. What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment below!

The election is over, but the outcome is far from being clear. Biden went against his promise to NOT proclaim victory until the vote counts were complete. The complicit media jumped the gun and named him President-elect, when they fully knew that was not the case. The illusions are running strong, as promised by the Neptunian clash with the Nodes. We are witnessing in real time the unfolding of a political drama the likes of which no human alive has ever experienced before and perhaps will never see again.

Political parties are a tool that the elite has used for decades to create the illusion that we have a choice in whom we elect as our representatives. This may be true for lower level elections, but with the exceptions of JFK and Reagan, the presidential office has been decided by the globalists up until 2016, when Trump took them by surprise and won. Since then they have done everything in their power to oust him, from the false Russian collusion narrative to the incessant claims by the media of his incompetence and inability to run this country. Few people who listen to mainstream media are aware that President Trump has done more to end wars, sign peace treaties, bring home troops, bring back industry and to help the middle class and minorities have decent lives than any other president in recent history. His endless efforts to end human trafficking have been largely unrecognized, yet more of these criminal rings have been exposed and charged than during the terms of the Bushes, Clinton and Obama combined. This is not my opinion, it is factual - but if you believe what you have been told by the media, you won't know it's true unless you do your own research.

The media continues to deny that any election irregularities have occurred, yet hundreds of lawsuits and thousands of affidavits of Republican and Democrat election workers in key states claiming otherwise are piling up. The propaganda is legend - they continue to claim Biden the winner, saying "Move on, folks, nothing to see here!" By accepting this narrative and refusing to investigate these claims, we are potentially complicit in our own demise as free and fair elections become a thing of the past and our nation is turned into a bonafide banana republic.

As for the collective overview, that about sums it up. I mentioned Mars as being perhaps the most important planet of this chart - having just gone direct in his own sign of Aries, he is now ready for action. You may have noticed in your personal lives for the past few months things have felt stuck or stagnant, or in some sort of holding pattern. And in the past week or so, relationship issues have come to the forefront, where confrontations have been virtually unavoidable. This is all about to change. Mars is peregrin (un-aspected), which means that he is unbound by the influence of any other planet. This gives him license to move the GO lever to the full-throttle position. Expect areas that have felt stuck to open up suddenly, and look forward to having the energy to put into place movements, projects or decisions that have been on hold for a while. You will have the energy to accomplish what is necessary for your growth and well-being, whether that is re-evaluating a relationship (Mercury in Scorpio quincunx Chiron in Aries) or acting upon inspirations (Sun/Moon trine Neptune) that are guiding you to utilize your creativity to serve your highest and greatest good.

This New Moon provides us with an opportunity to delve deep into our subconscious programs and release that which no longer serves us. Profound spiritual healing is taking place, both individually and collectively, as witnessed by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, making quintile aspects (72º) with Pluto and Jupiter. I agree with Mr. Biden when he says that we need to heal as a nation. But that can only happen with full disclosure of the truth. Mars will be guiding us while Uranus and Mercury uncover and shed light upon so much of what has been hidden from us for so long. As we approach eclipse season and the Great Event on December 21st (Saturn and Jupiter conjoin at 0º Aquarius on the Winter Solstice to mark the start of a new 200 year cycle, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius), just remember that the darkest hour happens right before dawn. May we all be united by our common humanity and our will to support one another in these difficult times.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. All my Relations. Love to All,

Sarah Songbird

PS - I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please check out my website ~ I offer astrology readings, Family Constellations and Crystal Energy Therapy sessions. Feel free to call or text (302) 507-6548 or email to set up an appointment. Thank you for your continued support!

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