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New Moon in Virgo, September 14th, 2023

The first theme for this New Moon in Virgo is: My Body is my Temple. She is my home, my source of energy, and of comfort and ease when all is well. When things are not so well, she tells me so, in no uncertain terms. And when I provide her exclusively with highly nutritious foods, mostly plant-based, and offer her regular physical activity and time in Nature, she blossoms and tells me she loves me. The pain is gone, mobility is back, Life is Good!

Virgo New Moon offers us the ability to discern what is wholesome and healthy for us, and what is not. This includes anything from the foods and substances we ingest to the behaviors we engage in and the people/energies we frequent. Mercury, still retrograde and just about to station and go direct, urges us to take one long, last look at this before moving forward with our lives. Saturn in Pisces, also retrograde and opposite Mercury, provides us with the inner resolve to do so.

As a natural extension of the Earth’s matter, our physical body has an innate wisdom, just like our Mother Earth. When we attune ourselves to that wisdom, by practicing such things as walking barefoot on the Earth, hugging or leaning up against trees, walking and meditating outside or swimming in a creek, we regulate our nervous system by aligning it with the frequencies of Nature. This alignment opens energy channels that may have been blocked or atrophied, allowing us to move more freely and feel our true strength from within. This applies at any age – the key is consistency. No joke, we can reverse the aging process by cleaning up our habits and sourcing our health directly from Nature. I have experienced this first-hand and I invite you to do so as well!

Six planets are currently retrograde, and Venus just recently stationed direct after being retrograde in Leo for about a month-and-a-half. Retrogrades signify times of deep reflection, going within to ascertain what changes need to occur in order to optimize health and well-being. Jupiter, the Expansive One, currently retrograde in Taurus, is in an almost-exact square with Venus in Leo. This aspect has been ongoing since around August 15th, because of Venus’ retrograde motion, and will perfect this weekend, between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Unlike squares in general, a square between the Benefics, Jupiter and Venus, has little to no negative connotations, except the possible effects of excess in certain cases. Depending on where it falls in your chart, this aspect has the potential to enhance material gains, nurture a positive self-image, motivate to adopt a healthier daily regime, etc. An excellent take on this aspect, offered by Adam Elenbaas at Nightlight Astrology, can be found here, starting at 6’25”. Adam was my teacher for 2 years, and if you are interested in learning more about Helenistic or Ancient Astrology, I highly recommend you start at the beginning and listen to the description of his online courses.


The second big theme of this This New Moon is Setting Intention. Opposite Neptune retrograde in Pisces, she encourages us to use our creative potential to evoke expansive feelings by inviting images, sounds, flavors and textures retrieved from the dream world into our daily lives. This is a fertile aspect for creativity of all kinds, and it is further enhanced by a powerful Grand Earth Trine between Sun/Moon in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. A grand trine is a beautiful and powerful aspect that joins planets from each of the 4 elements, in the 3 signs that represent them. Trines are generally positive and harmonious, setting the stage for flow and ease of movement.

This Grand Earth Trine encourages the embodiment and manifestation of the dreams downloaded from Dreamtime, the gift of Neptune’s opposition to the New Moon. If ever there was a time to plant your seeds of intention, now is that time! They will be sown into the fertile soil of the Earth trine, and given just the right amount of tension (from Pluto and Uranus) to build strong, healthy bodies and bear the sweet fruits of your diligent labor.

May this gorgeous New Moon bless you with the time and energy to take good care of yourself, find vibrant health in body, mind and heart, and sow the seeds of your most perfect future, knowing that the manifestation of your dreams depends upon your willingness to do the work.

May All Beings be Happy and Free,

Sarah Songbird

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