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New Moon in Virgo, September 17th, 2020

When I look at the image of this chart, I am reminded of a card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Five of Wands. Like the sticks in the image, the lines of this chart seem to be flying every which way, lacking harmony and unity. The meaning for this card is CHAOS.

Oh, but there is a beauty to this! Chaotic situations eventually find resolution. Just as hurricane Sally slammed the Alabama Gulf coast the day before this New Moon in Virgo, she too, will eventually die down and balance will be restored. But not before the energies that were stuck and that needed to be moved have shifted.

Of course the loss of life is tragic, and the loss of property is regretful. My sincere prayers of restoration and recovery go out to every person and animal who has suffered from this and all natural disasters, particularly the fires on the West Coast. Whether or not you consider those to be of a natural cause, we are still dealing with a natural element, fire, and in the case of the hurricane, air and water.

Virgo is the sign of taking inventory, releasing that which is no longer in service to health and well being. This New Moon in Virgo speaks of a need to purify and cleanse, to refine and eliminate all but the essential, anything that no longer serves our highest and greatest good. As our Moon/Sun couple (remember, at the time of the new Moon, the Sun and Moon occupy the same degree) form a tight T-square with the North and South Nodes, which speak of destiny and consequences, there will be a powerful push to become clear and precise in our communications, particularly as it relates to the world at large, but also within our own psyches. This is particularly relevant as Neptune (whose negative attributes include deception, illusion and mind control) finds himself opposite the Moon, in his own watery sign of Pisces.

Taking a positive outlook, this is the perfect time to become clear about things that until now you may have been doubting or wondering about. Do your research: Virgo is all about untangling the knots and organizing the information into a usable format. I would advise, however, using a search engine that does not follow the algorithms of Google, which greatly limits your access to information that does not agree with the narrative that the controllers have deemed acceptable for general consumption.

This Neptune/Moon opposition can teach us how to work with addictions and behaviors that may not be serving us, as Virgo strives to promote healthy habits and lifestyles. Maybe it's time to start a cleanse, begin an exercise routine, or go through your kitchen and throw away the junk foods that you've accumulated to "get you through" these challenging times. It can also be pointing to an addiction to information, and suggest that purging some apps on your phone or limiting your "screen time" might be in order. This is an opportunity to change that which is not working and replace it by something that does. Habits are tricky little beasts - and changing them is no easy feat. But it will be easier when your know that the energies in the skies are facilitating the process of tapping into the will power and determination it takes to face the things about ourselves that we don't like and want to change.

There are several square aspects in this chart, and these are what give it a "chaotic" feel. Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, both fixed signs (each sign has one of three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable). Fixed signs tend to be somewhat unyielding and "fixed" in their ways. Venus - our core values and relationships - is striving to be light-hearted and warm, while feeling the load of a changing, uncertain world on her shoulders. Uranus tells her that the only constant in this world is change itself. In Leo, she is a leader who values personal freedom and sovereignty above all, and she reminds us that we DO have the power to change things, if we are willing to do the work of facing the shadow that Neptune has cast over our logical thinking. These days, this has taken the form of fear-porn and biased information that the media has been pushing for decades, and that has only intensified with the advent of the virus. Her trine to Lilith in Aries reinforces in her an urgency around individual freedom and autonomy that helps her to choose what is most important.

Mars and Saturn are square-dancing through the skies until Mars changes partners to be with Pluto in the coming weeks. With Mars now retrograde since September 9th, we are inwardly examining our strategies and actions related to our desires, personal success and individual sovereignty. Saturn in Capricorn is offering resistance in the form of rules and restrictions that limit our personal freedom, thus urging us to be even more creative in finding new strategies, techniques and movements that might offer us potential solutions to the dilemma we find ourselves in at this time. "Sacred Economics" by Charles Eisenstein is a must read for anyone looking for alternatives to the capitalistic mindset that we were conditioned into, and which is imploding before our eyes.

Uranus (change) in Taurus (economy) squaring Venus (values) in Leo (sovereignty) reminds us that this is not only happening, but it demands our immediate attention. What society do we want to live in? Do we continue to choose a world based on greed where a small elite has access to most of the wealth and abundance while the majority suffers, or have we finally reached a point where that system no longer works for us, and is completely out of alignment with higher values of compassion, partnership, mutual support and the honoring of the unique talents of each and every individual on this planet? Are we growing out of the adolescent stage of wanting everything for oneself with no consideration for others? Are we finally becoming mature adults that respect this planet as our mother, working together to love and nurture each other and our mother earth-ship, thereby reinstating Paradise on Earth? The stars seem to indicate that, but we must still rise up to the occasion rather than waiting for someone else to do it for us - even if that just means doing a good deed with no expectation of return or reward. The men with sticks on the Five of Wands tarot card haven't yet found their groove, but they know they have to face something and are stepping up to do just that.

Jupiter in Capricorn has just turned direct after several months of being retrograde. This brings about a surge of energy that can potentially be felt as an increased desire for verbal jousting or negotiating contracts and agreements, resulting from his square with Mercury in Libra. This would be a good time for lawyers to make their case - although the outcome is not assured, but rather dependent upon the skills of the negotiator. That being said, the T-square that Mars and Jupiter form with Lilith in Aries, who is extremely volatile and defensive of her individual rights, could send negotiation and even simple conversation over the edge into a mire of hostility from which a return to peace may be quite difficult. Political differences are probably best left alone for now!

Finally, we see that Moon/Sun are in an exact trine to Saturn, and are in close range of trining Pluto. In order to clear out the impediments that this New Moon in Virgo is urging us to do, we need structure (Saturn) to follow a program (cleanse, exercise routine, etc.) and the ability to transform the refuse into useable compost (Pluto). This applies to the physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being, as we undertake strategies that clear out the old and make way for the new in our lives.

In conclusion, this chaotic-looking chart can be a shining beacon that is showing us that the metamorphosis has begun. The imaginal cells that were few and far between are becoming more and more prevalent in the gooey mess that is our society, organizing themselves into a structure that will one day emerge from the chrysalis and fan its wings with stunning beauty, like the newly freed butterfly. And as this is happening at all levels of existence, we can expect our own individual selves to go through a similar process of total transformation, just as our dear Earth mama transcends this 3-D world and becomes the shining light of the Milky Way. We are truly blessed to part of this divine unfolding.

In Infinite Gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

I am available for Astrology readings, Crystal Energy Therapy sessions and Crystal Constellations. Please check out my website for more information. Also, text (302) 507-6548 or email to set up an appointment.

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