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New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology, 12/26/19 at 12:13 am CST

The Moon has exited her solstice role of gatekeeper, leaving her fire-keeper, General Mars in Scorpio, in charge – aided by Lilith in Pisces, who lends her intuitive wisdom to the continued thawing of the deep programming frozen far inside the crevasses of the wounding caused by physical, mental or emotional trauma. That would include most of us! Mars is also supported by Saturn and Pluto who, joining forces in Capricorn, are tearing down the old paradigm structures (think scarcity mentality, us vs. them, power-over mind-set…) to be replaced by Aquarian values of compassion, service to the highest good and innovative solutions to global problems.

In this new Moon chart, a huge stellium (group) of five planets and the South Node of the Moon shows up in Capricorn, showcasing the Sun and Moon conjunction at 4º. Four is the number of structure and matter, and Capricorn is cardinal earth, meaning that anything initiated here has the potential of being highly successful on the material plane, especially with Jupiter, at 5º Capricorn, lending his expansive qualities and fortunate disposition to the mix.

New Moons are seminal opportunities already, but this one is the first of a pair of eclipses that are leading us to the Grand Finale of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020. Projects, prayers and intentions stated clearly and purposefully at the time of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, if aligned with the highest good, cannot be anything but successful. So after your Christmas day activities, remember to sit with your intentions for the coming year, light a candle, burn some incense and offer your prayers up to the Universe, trusting in their complete and perfect manifestation.

We could just leave it at that, but these are powerful times and this chart is asking for more to be revealed. Venus and Uranus are in a waning square, which speaks of the amount of triggering happening in relationships at this time. Fortunately we are coming out of it, but the last few months have been nothing if not highly challenging for most of us. And just to make sure we’ve heard that loud and clear, our Sun-Moon couple is also in a waning square to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. So? Well, that just clarifies the fact that this triggering is happening in order to heal our Self (Chiron in Aries, the sign of the Self) and release our old-paradigm, reactionary MO, replacing it with curiosity and awareness of how we got where we are now, and how we want to be from here on in.

These are golden opportunities for us all to show up, do the work that is revealed to us by our triggering relationships, release the unconscious negative patterns (programming) acquired during our childhood, and truly step into our Power and Purpose on the planet at this time. My impression is that we are all here to help with the complete transformation of our dear planet Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamamma, Sophia, or whatever name you prefer to give her. By “taking the high road,” as Matt Kahn aptly describes it, we not only transform the way we interact with other people, but we also change our relationship to Matter, which we may have heretofore considered inert or “dead.” With this new paradigm vision, we can clearly see that every “thing” has energy, which Science has already told us, but the notion that we might be able to have a profound effect on these things (like whatever may not be going right in our lives) just by “taking the high road” and aligning ourselves with the values that our highest and deepest Self knows to be true (honesty, compassion, sincerity, for example), we change our relationship to the outer world and step into a reality where every “thing” MATTERS.

Matter comes from the Latin Mater, or Mother. By recognizing that our patriarchal programming has left her completely out of the picture for thousands of years (the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost… what about the Mother?), often reviling the Sacred Feminine and calling her a whore (Mary Magdalene), we can feel what a gaping wound that has left us with. It is time to reclaim our birthright and reintegrate these notions into our worldview. Why? Because the Father without the Mother is incomplete. Because reviling our Mother Earth and considering her to be inert and exploitable has made us forget that Life is Sacred and that all things deserve our respect. Because the women on this planet (who make up over half the population, btw…) are tired of being exploited and disrespected. But the only way to reclaim our birthright is to do the inner work and seize every opportunity that Life offers us, mostly through our interactions with others, to walk our talk and do what our authentic Self knows is the best thing to do, even when our ego is moaning and groaning, trying to get out of doing the homework. Take the High Road and step into your power. We all need you to be your best Self, so that we can all move into the new age of Love and Interrelatedness, together.

All My Relations – Mitakuye Oyasin

Solstice Blessings!

Sarah Songbird

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