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What is a Crystal Constellation?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

It is often challenging to explain what Systemic Family Constellations is about, and perhaps even more challenging to understand it if you've never experienced it before. I like to think of it as doing energy work. Instead of working in the Human Energy Field, like what happens during Reiki or Crystal Energy Therapy, we are working in the energy field that comprises the fields of every individual that has ever been a part of that particular system. Their "signatures" are imprinted in the field, and when we do this work, we borrow some of the signatures in order to access the system through members of the family.

What happens after that is pure magic. Signatures are seen, acknowledged, and given an opportunity to express whatever has been agitating the system for however long it has been going on. This creates powerful movements in the field, which ends up settling into the safe space it once was.

Like a Family Constellation, a Crystal Constellation sets the stage for unseen energies to manifest and interact on behalf of the seeker’s highest and greatest good. The difference is that instead of taking place in a group setting, Crystal Constellations are the individual version of the Family Constellations model. In other words, the interactions take place between the seeker (or client) and the practitioner, through the intermediary of crystals and other objects that represent people or energies in the seeker’s family system.

The purpose of this is to explore which elements in the system hold information that the seeker needs in order to find resolution to a particular dilemma. Sometimes these elements are drawn to interact with each other and speak truths that were never before expressed, potentially even generations ago, thereby bringing a feeling of calm and settling to the system. It’s a bit like being in a room with a loud air conditioner running, then turning it off suddenly and noticing what a relief it is to not hear it anymore! The difference is that the settling here happens within the family system, which affects all members of the family and can even ripple out into their adjacent family systems. This is truly a magical and yet very real practice with tangible effects, that has helped many find resolution to situations that were resisting all other attempts to solve them.

Crystal Constellations are practiced in person or online, using the Zoom platform. The effects are identical for both in-person and online sessions, as we are working with energies, which know no limits of time and space.

To set up your Crystal Constellation, please email Sarah at, or book a session using the online platform at

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