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Winter Solstice Astrology 12/21/2019

The winter solstice at this year’s end is heralded by two gate-keepers: Uranus and the Moon. Moon in Scorpio reminds us of the deep emotional work that we have been experiencing for the past several months. At exactly 9º 00’ (9 is a threshold), opposite Uranus in Taurus, she is upholding a sense of deep commitment to the values of transparency and honesty, and diving deep to continue bringing unconscious programming into our awareness. In some ways the Moon is a warrior goddess, flanked by her general, Mars, also in his home sign of Scorpio. She seems to be saying to Uranus, who is known in Greek mythology to have eaten his own children, “Never again! Not under my watch…” Mars, in full support of Madame Lune, offers his protection and also receives the benediction of Lilith, herself a formidable Amazon, and Neptune, both in the highly intuitive sign of Pisces.

This solstice offers us the opportunity to ground all of the intense work of the past months into the highly practical and ambitious sign of Capricorn. Sun and Jupiter join forces there and are supporting Uranus in Taurus, who, in spite of his rather nasty reputation, is just doing what he naturally does: disrupting the status quo. In Taurus, the earthiest of the earth signs, Uranus plows deep and comes back over his furrow in a retrograde motion to make sure no stone is left unturned. He is slowly unearthing hidden treasures that may at first seem like curses, but as we wash them with Scorpio’s water, the true gems are revealed. Many talents and gifts have lain dormant, waiting for this moment to begin manifesting in service to the greater good. Venus in Aquarius, at the apex of the T-square joining Moon and Uranus, expresses universal values in full support of this bequeathal to Humanity, from ourselves to ourselves and to all generations to come.

And although it may be difficult for the Mind to grasp the full scope of this offering (Neptune square Mercury), the Heart knows what’s up. By giving our undivided attention to our emotions, we become present to our actual experience, instead turning away from them, intellectualizing and conceptualizing them to fit into the mental framework that our society has deified and worshipped as the only source of knowledge that is trustworthy: the Rational Mind. Science, the brainchild of the mind, has itself made the observation that the heart, the seat of our emotions, is far more powerful and pervasive than most other aspects of our being, as its energy emanates much farther than any other component of the Human Energy Field ( With Venus (heart, emotions) as the crucible between Moon (subconscious non-linear mind) and Uranus (higher mind) in the sign of Brotherly Love (Aquarius), guess what? By accepting our Heart as our highest guidance and tool of enlightenment, we get to step through this doorway being held by our subconscious gate-keepers (the Moon in the Tarot is represented by two dogs and a scorpion guarding the passageway through the two pillars of consciousness) to access a whole new level of understanding, and subsequently choose which paradigm we wish to live in. Even better, to collectively create that paradigm as a new reality, alternative to the patriarchy that we have been in for thousands of years.

As amazing as that may sound, this process involves the breaking up of old-paradigm programming that can be experienced as the death of Self (Ego) and/or a complete overhaul of the identity that we have adopted since our first tender years on this planet (Sun/Jupiter squaring Chiron in Aries). This is a time to recognize how important we are to each other, and how the old worldview of “dog-eat-dog” or even Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” are notions that may no longer be in service to our highest good. With the North Node traveling through Cancer, sign of care-giving and nurturing, our collective purpose is to remember how to take care of one another to insure that our children, their children and all future generations are safe from the predation that has gone rampant in this patriarchy gone awry.

On December 21st, 2012, the masculine and feminine poles were reversed, ushering in a new era of the Sacred Feminine. Seven years later, we are beginning to feel the repercussions of that reversal, as women all over the world declare their sovereignty, and alternatives to the current economical models arise (see The gateway that tomorrow’s Solstice presents is but one in a series of events (new and full Moon, eclipses…) that offer us stepping stones leading up to the BIG EVENT: the Saturn-Pluto-Sun alignment in Capricorn on January 12th, 2020. Stay tuned for more about that coming up! We still have a new Moon solar eclipse and a full Moon lunar eclipse to explore before then.

You may be asking yourself this very valid question: “what can I do to insure my passage through these portals of consciousness?” My suggestion: drop down into your Heart space as often as you possibly can, through meditation, connecting with Nature, with animals and children, doing rituals (even just lighting a candle with intention), prayer, and otherwise aligning with your highest purpose by noticing what feels right and what doesn’t. The Mind is a valuable tool, but it must stay just that: a tool. By bringing our awareness to our Heart, we are inviting the Mind to step back into its veritable role: processor of information, and not the ruler of our entire being. That role belongs to the Heart, who occupies the central position in our energy bodies and whose physical counterpart is responsible for keeping us alive by running life force (blood) through our bodies at all times.

Our emotions form a guidance system that enables us to know when we are aligned and when we are not. Negative emotions such as worry, grief, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, etc. can be signs for us to pay attention to something that needs to be recognized and processed through. Sometimes we experience these randomly, or pick up on other people’s emotions, which just lets us know that our energy field could use some work – good opportunities to practice distancing ourselves from the negative impact of these emotions. How? Same as above: plus, bodywork, breathwork, yoga, Qi-gong, dance, music, art… many ways to arrive at the same result.

My wish for you during this beautiful Solstice season is to nurture yourself and your family with your true Presence, which may or may not involve presents… This post is my gift to you: may it bring you exactly what you need to experience at this time.

Mitakuye Oyasin – All My Relations.

Sarah Songbird

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