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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, May 26th, 2021

Updated: May 24, 2021

Oh joy! Jupiter, after being in Saturn-ruled signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) for the past two years, has ingressed (entered) into Pisces temporarily - until July 28th. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, joy and wealth, will be in his own sign for the next 2 months, during which we may feel more flow and expansion in our lives. This has the potential of favoring intuitive professional breakthroughs, returns on investments, new relationships and other fortunate events, starting on or around the Full Moon in Sagittarius, the other sign ruled by Jupiter.

A total lunar eclipse has the energy of a full moon multiplied and enhanced by the exact alignment of three celestial bodies, Sun, Moon and Earth. In some ancient cultures an eclipse was considered an ominous event, while in others it was an opportunity to benefit in one way or another of the exalted energies at play. In Sagittarius, we are looking at ideals and over-arching concepts about our connection to the rest of the Universe. This is an important time to let go of "thinking small", useless information and keeping yourself tethered to ideas that have outlived their welcome. Time to think BIG, to truly step into the power of what you came here to create! Between now and the solar eclipse on June 10th is a fertile time for speaking your dreams into reality. And if you don't know what these dreams are, it may be wise to sit down and meditate, connect with your higher self, then write them out as they come to the surface of your consciousness.

The square between Neptune and Venus coupled with Mercury (who will have gone retrograde by the solar eclipse on June 10th) will greatly facilitate your task, combining your linear thought progression with your intuitive process. This square speaks also of a desire to communicate authentically about our values and resources, tapping into our inner knowing for inspiration and a glimpse into what the future may have in store. However, know that this type of aspect can also favor the state of illusion/delusion, especially when we allow ourselves to be pulled in by the lure of TV (tell-a-vision) and other spells through imagery and hypnosis seen in every type of media, including social media.

Saturn, now retrograde in Aquarius, is fast approaching a square aspect with Uranus. This ongoing aspect, which began on February 17th, will again be exact on June 14th, just after the second eclipse. The last square between these two will happen on December 24th. This aspect will be a defining force for 2021. We were prepared by their first meeting with a lot of positive ideas about the future, visibly clashing with the state of the world we have seen since the beginning of 2020. The second square on June 14th is challenging us to find ways to implement those ideas through the expression of the many coming together as one, with the potential of a popular movement or uprising resulting in a change in our societal values, the global financial system and possibly much more. As astrologer Sarah Varcas eloquently states:

The modern age which deifies a single perspective and drowns out, bans and cancels anyone with a differing view is not conducive to listening to our inner voice that knows far better what’s best for us! It’s hard to trust your intuition when everything around you is telling you it’s wrong and that some ‘expert’ knows your best interests better than you. It’s difficult to stand firm when those who question prevailing narratives and expose far reaching lies are de-platformed, silenced and vilified. It’s tough to speak your truth when even those people you love and respect refuse to engage until you say what they want to hear.

Fear is fueling the mainstream narrative, not love. We shall see how the third and final Saturn-Uranus square unfolds: are we looking at the "Global Reset" and Agenda 30 as outlined by Klaus Schwab and his globalist NWO cronies, or a different type of change? I believe that unless we make these changes from within ourselves, by scrutinizing our values and observing where we stray from upholding them in our daily lives, we will continue to create the same top-down system that has kept humans from realizing our true potential of living in perfect harmony with Creator and Creation. Anything short of that is unacceptable, from my perspective.

For an amazing peek at what we are capable of, please read the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megré, starting with the first volume "Anastasia". I think you will not regret reading the book that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people across the world, and in my opinion will have a major role in ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

Thank you for reading my blog post! I am available for Astrology readings, Crystal Constellations and Crystal Energy Therapy sessions ( see my website for more information). These modalities are complementary, each bringing a different type of information to the healing session. If you are interested in booking 2 or 3 modalities as a package, I am currently offering all 3 for $300 (savings of $132), or any 2 for $225 (savings of $63). Sessions last anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

In service and gratitude,



Introduction to Crystal Constellations

During my time studying Family Constellations, I became aware that the energies that we were connecting with were alive and independent, and by stepping into their field we were offering them an opportunity to rewrite their history. Whether the person represented was living at the time of the constellation or not made absolutely no difference. The theme that predominated was conflict resolution, and the participants in the constellations were in service to the "client", or person doing the work, and their family. The non-physical family members who were being channeled through the field represented by the colored mats, upon which a participant was usually standing, were mostly willing to be present and participate, for the health of the family system and their relative.

Crystal Constellations work in a similar manner, except that instead of having people standing on colored mats to represent family members, these are embodied by crystals, who are also in service to the client and the family system. I, as the facilitator in both Family Constellations and Crystal Constellations, observe how the energies unfold and follow their lead. Crystal Constellations are done both in person and remotely via Zoom. The focus is primarily on the resolution of issues that have resisted other types of therapy, tend to be emotionally draining and persistent, but are not necessarily family-related.

If you are intrigued but are not ready to jump into a Crystal Constellation just yet, I am offering a free 30-minute zoom call where I can feel into your situation and explain how this works and how it might benefit you. Please text me (Sarah) at (302) 507-6548 or email me at to set up an appointment. And check out my website for more information about Family Constellations.


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