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New Moon in Capricorn, January 12th/13th, 2021

For our first New Moon of 2021, a 5 universal year (2+0+2+1=5), representing the falling away of the past and the welcoming in of the future, we have a chart chock full of intensity. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the roller-coaster! If this new Moon is any indication of the year to come, we are in for the ride of our lives.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, respectively at 3º, 5º and 7º of Aquarius, are asking that we find new ways to think about the future of humanity and the societal structures that we would like to see in place. After spending the last year in Capricorn, helping Pluto tear down the existing social and economic framework, our two master planets, Saturn and Jupiter, met on December 21st, 2020, day of the Winter Solstice at 0º Aquarius. This meeting was the epic lead-in to the Age of Aquarius (see my last blog post), the energetic imprint of which will endure for the coming decades if not longer. A monumental shift happened on that day, and our lives are changed forever more. We were given a new lease on life, as long as we live up to our agreement to uphold and honor it at all costs.

So what is it that we want to see unfold in the coming years/decades? A peaceful society based on humanitarian values where each person, no matter their skin color, gender, belief system, sexual orientation or any other qualifying factor is offered the respect due to them as a human being, and where everyone contributes according to his or her talents, abilities and motivations? A home planet that is honored and cherished for her life-giving qualities, for each of her inhabitants, human or not, and for all that she provides us with to flourish and thrive with one another? My guess is that we are in agreement on these principles, perhaps less so on the means of achieving them, but that is part of the challenge and beauty of being human: to find ways to work together in spite of our differences, which only enrich our experience in the long run.

Jupiter and Saturn have given their verdict: the existing social and economic structures are done. Whether it be capitalism, socialism, marxism, communism, or any other socio-economic "ism" you can think of, it's over. Caput. Fini. Not one of these will ever flourish as a system, ever again, at least not on this planet. Why? Because the cosmic energies governing our world will no longer support the existence of a top-down power structure based on greed, for the benefit of the few to the detriment of the many. That being said, in order to avoid total chaos, one of these systems will have to serve as an interim structure until the new economy of the New Earth can be fully implemented.

Which one that is will probably become evident in the coming days and weeks when we see the final bastions of the present system collapse under the weight of a failed attempt to take over the world by a greedy group of elite globalists that have infiltrated our lives to the point of influencing our every decision. This is no exaggeration: we all know that every email, text and phone call we make is being tracked and stored, and that there are big plans to inject every man, woman and child on the planet with a tracking device that will serve as an interface between us and the projected new world government, allowing them to control our every move, purchase and action. Covid is a only a pretext for Fauci, Gates and the globalist crowd to enact the Great Reset, planned to be complete by 2030. Unfortunately for them, their time is up. Humanity has awakened. Goodbye (and good riddance) to the New World Order, and Hello New Earth!

On January 20th, 2021, day of the planned presidential inauguration, Mars will conjoin Uranus in Taurus at 6º44'. Do not expect this to be any ordinary day, or a typical inauguration. In fact, with these planets, Lilith and the Moon in Taurus squaring Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius, the world as we know it may be upended in a fight for our lives and our freedom. I would not rule out a sudden military operation (Mars and Uranus in Taurus) ultimately benefitting the people (Jupiter, Saturn and Sun in Aquarius) by exposing the evil-minded puppets masquerading as philanthropists and public servants, acting as if they actually care about us. Leading up to that day we will see bizarre and disturbing events (Mars square Saturn) such as the attack on the Capitol, blackouts and arrests of key players involved in the grand-scale tampering of the US elections. Not to mention the tyrannical censorship (Uranus square Mercury and Jupiter) of big Tech against conservative individuals, with Twitter banning not just the president but anyone who engages in political discourse that is not along the lines of their particular belief system. Tens of thousands of twitter accounts were suspended, some indefinitely, because of their political opinions. What happened to the First Amendment? This is not an issue of one private corporation doing whatever they want, because Apple, Google and Facebook are all doing this, and they have a monopoly on communications: whatever they decide affects the entire world's ability to communicate.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in an exact square to Venus. In Capricorn, Venus represents our desire for longevity and stability, our sense of patriotism and our attachment to traditional values. Chiron in Aries is our budding sense of sovereignty, daring for the first time to stand up for our rights as human beings against a Goliath of authoritarian government wanting to crush the human spirit of enterprise and freedom. This square challenges us to live up to our values of home and country by standing up and reclaiming our rights as sovereign human beings.

Chiron is also in a powerful quintile (72º) aspect with our New Moon. Deemed the most "spiritual" of all aspects, this quintile with the Sun and Moon speaks of a deep healing of the Self at the level of the Soul (soul-ar healing :-)). The Luminaries at 23º Capricorn, closely conjunct Pluto at 24º, impart the ability to transform any structure that has taken power to the point of being corrupt, whether within our psyche or expressing itself in the outer world, into that which serves us well. By being conscious of this process we make it so. What negative piece of programming has had power over your life until now? Lack, scarcity, fear, overwhelm? You name it, and then you release it. It's that simple. Don't forget to thank it for playing a vital role in your life up until now, as it has offered you a lesson. Just as those who have played roles of the "bad guys" on our collective playing field have served to awaken us and deserve to be thanked for their service to our greater good.

Neptune, at 18º44', is fast approaching an exact T-square with the lunar nodes, which will happen on January 26th, just two days before the Full Moon. This aspect has been building up for weeks if not months, reminding us of the fleeting quality of images and yet how they can be interpreted as truth just by seeing them over and over again, and thus powerfully influence our actions. This square will likely bring about a jarring reality check when we learn how much we have been deceived by the image-makers who have been spinning a particular narrative and eliminating any and all questioning or opposition to that narrative. This New Moon is also challenging the media (North Node in Gemini) in a quincunx (150º) aspect that asks "What is the purpose behind presenting the public with biased and one-sided information? What agenda are you pushing and what do you have to hide?"

Finally, this chart is softened a bit by a trine between Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, both earth signs, inviting us to feel our connection to Mother Earth and let her speak to us through our bodies. Another "agent de réconciliation" is a sextile (60º) aspect between Mercury in Aquarius and Chiron in Aries, helping us to express with eloquence and reason the principles we believe in.

After the last Full Moon in Cancer that gave us some relief from a year of intensity and chaos, we must finish the job that was begun a year ago with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th, 2020. This event of course kicked off the year of the Great Awakening, with the first death from the corona virus announced in China the day after the conjunction. After a year of trials and tribulations, and the destruction of lives and livelihoods all over the world, we have come to a point of no return, where the idea of going back to the way things used to be is a chimera. Anyone who tells you that all you need to do is take a vaccine and things will get back to "normal" is lying. Our world has changed, for good. But that change has been necessary in order for us to become aware of the forces that we are up against, and to gradually come to our senses and step into our own as sovereign human beings.

Now that we have successfully passed over the threshold into the Age of Aquarius where many of us have begun to live the values and magic of a fifth-dimensional existence, our forays back into 3-d reality will gradually become less and less frequent, until one day without even realizing it, we will have become full-fledged fifth-dimensional beings. Some day we might look back and remember how hard life used to be, and what an incredible transformation we undertook to get to where we are now. Beginning as imaginal cells in the mush of human awareness, we gradually found each other and slowly formed into the gorgeous creature that is about to take flight into the depths of eternity.

I salute the light in you. In gratitude,

Sarah Songbird

Thank you for reading my blog post ~ I am available for Astrology readings, Family Constellations and Crystal Energy Therapy sessions. Please check out my website for more information, or call/email me at (302) 507-6548 /

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