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The "Black Moon" in Cancer, July 20, 2020

Our last new moon happened within 10 hours of the summer solstice, on June 21st, offering us some powerful energies to work with (Sun and Moon at 00º Cancer, squaring Mars, etc... please see my blog post from June 16th for more details). This month we have another new moon in Cancer, this time in the last degrees of the sign. When two new moons occur in the same sign, the first one in the early degrees and the second in the latter degrees of the sign, this is known as a "black moon". A black moon happens once every two-and-a-half to three years, and its cycle lasts until the following black moon, 2-3 years later. This is an indication of the importance of whatever intentions we set during this particular moon phase, which will have lasting repercussions, not unlike the shorter 6-month cycles between eclipses. The past few lunar cycles have all been very intense in that way: three eclipses and the current black moon. That alone should tell us something about the intensity of all that we are experiencing at this time in the world, not to mention the ongoing Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter line-up in Capricorn that has been a game-changer, highlighting the societal issues around authority and personal sovereignty facing each and every one of us today.

The emphasis on the Cancer/Capricorn axis is highly significant. Cancer represents the home, the family and the nurturing aspects thereof. The more negative aspects of Cancer have to do with security or the lack of it. Extending this concept of nurturing and family to the larger "human family," of which we are all a part, it becomes obvious from this chart that the Human Family (Sun and Moon in Cancer, the masculine and feminine aspects as One) is up against colossal forces being represented by the two social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, and the trans-generational planet Pluto, all in Capricorn. Saturn is exactly opposite our Sun/Moon couple, and the others are in close proximity.

Capricorn represents authority, mastery and the collective management of groups and society, which translates into corporate organizations and governments, at least at this time in history. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, embodies that authoritarian "lock-down" mentality, while Jupiter magnifies and expands it and Pluto intensifies the "do or die" feel of it. Apparently we are witnessing the sudden illumination of an age-old conflict of interest between the ruling class elite and everyone else. These issues seem to resurface every so often, and interestingly these times correspond fairly precisely with major planetary interactions, such as the one we are experiencing at this time (Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter in Capricorn - see "Cosmos and Psyche - Intimations of a New World View" by Richard Tarnas)

Paradoxically, the governments in question are theoretically being run by humans, who are theoretically part of the Human Family... Another question arises, do these humans have Humanity's best interests at heart? My sense is that the most of them do, at least those performing the lower echelon administrative duties. However, those who are actually "pulling the strings" - and these people are not necessarily visible to the public - may, or may not have our best interests at heart. There appears to be some sort of struggle going on within the ranks of the power elite, the intensity of which few of us are privy to: a covert "civil war" if you will, that is playing out in real time - in particular in the United States - between those who want compliance to an authoritarian rule, using fear and oppression to obtain conformity, and those who are defending basic human rights. The tricky thing is that we really don't know who is doing what, because of the covert nature of what is happening. False prophets... fake news... what seems true to some is completely false to others, and vice versa! Perhaps we are actually living the "End Times" referred to in the Bible.

With the three planets in Capricorn all retrograde, we are being challenged to go within and ask ourselves how much of this external authority we are willing to accept. We are being told in the name of "health" that we must stay home, shelter in place, stay away from each other, wear masks and avoid unnecessary interaction. This makes sense only if you consider Pasteur's germ theory to be valid (which most of the Western world does, in spite of the fact that Pasteur himself admitted that he was wrong on his death bed...) and adhere to a strictly atomistic world view. If you believe, like I do, that we are systems inside of systems, that interactions with our environment and with others is what keeps us healthy and happy, that fear weakens our immune system and isolation depresses our will to live, and that our inherent well-being trumps any virus any day of the year, then the approach that has been hammered into our brains by a fear-mongering media makes absolutely no sense at all.

And here's where our individual responsibility comes into play. What is my truth? If what I am feeling deep within my core being conflicts with what I am being told by the authorities and the media, should I voice my concerns? When I do that, I become the target of derision and ridicule, because my dissenting voice is labeled "fanatic" or "conspiracy theory" and I am basically shut down... no room for discussion because my opinion goes against the accepted narrative (the "experts" opinions) and any information I share is considered false - where does that leave us? Is this free speech? Not in my book!

Enter: the Nodes of the Moon. These are not physical planets, but rather points in space where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the ecliptic, or path of the Earth around the Sun. Although they have less "weight" than the planets in a chart, having no physical reality, their significance is nonetheless noteworthy. Especially at 28º Sagittarius, where the South Node is currently situated, aligning precisely to the center of our galaxy, the great Milky Way.

The lunar nodes have a "karmic" feel to them, meaning that they represent forces reaching beyond the confines of one lifetime, with notions such as destiny and purpose, and the consequences of previous actions as defining principles - contrasting with the more tangible correspondences of the planets. And as they are always exactly opposite each other, the alignment of the South Node with the center of the galaxy also lines up with the North Node in Gemini. This alignment "lights up" this karmic axis, illuminating the collective human experience with a powerful blast of cosmic energy emanating from the singular central point and flooding us with the deep, primal force of Creation itself: the Mother/Goddess/Sophia.

Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and the Nodes are all at 28º. In numerology, this equates to the number 1 : (2+8=10, drop the 0, equals 1), which signifies new beginnings, with the same primal, creative force being bestowed upon us by the heavens through the nodes. The angles between the planets and the nodes are respectively 30º and 150º, both of which are called "inconjunct", meaning "unfinished business". Our work here is clearly just beginning! My suggestion: meditate on the nodes and their connection to the center of our galaxy, and feel how you might harness some of that primal, creative energy into your life. What a powerful and beautiful time of new beginnings! with unprecedented potential for personal growth, contributing to the betterment of all sentient beings.

Many have said that these times are like none humanity has ever experienced before. We are truly at the dawning of a New Age. Will we rise to the challenge and create this new Aquarian Age of universal love and mutual support amongst all beings, or will we fall back into the grips of greed and self-serving, benefitting only a few while most of humanity, the Earth and her children continue to suffer, just as we have done time and time again? The choice is ours ~ our planet is waiting for us to make our decision to stand up for her, and for ourselves, once and for all.

In gratitude,


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